Council of University of California Staff Assemblies


CUCSA History

Learn about the history of CUCSA here.


CUCSA Bylaws

The CUCSA bylaws as amended on September 28, 2016 can be found here.


Officers and Delegation 2016-2017

Meet the officers and delegates for 2015-2016.

Executive Board

Rejeana Mathis Lina Layiktez  Mike Lee
Rejeana Mathis
Chair Elect
Lina Layiktez


Mike Lee


UC Berkeley   UC Davis
Cheryl Olson   Jessica Potts
Jeanette Robinson   Chitra Rao
UC Irvine   UC Los Angeles
Adriana Collins   Michelle Chen
Kathy Eiler   Walen Ngo
UC Merced   UC Riverside
Pam Taylor   Robert Wolfer
David Ellington   Julie Salgado
UC San Diego   UC San Francisco
Amanda Chavez   Suya Colorado-Caldwell
Ebonee Williams   Jennifer Mannix
UC Santa Barbara   UC Santa Cruz
Kim Summerfield
   John Steele
George Hopwood   Angela Steele
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab   UC Office of the President
Rachel Carl   Karla Wood
Nick Everson   Bo Pitsker
Ag  and Natural Resources    
Lori Renstrom    
Jeannette Warnert    


Delegate Resources

Delegate resources, including dates for upcoming meetings and meeting agendas can be found here.


Past CUCSA Chairs