Council of University of California Staff Assemblies

Pam Taylor, UC Merced



Pam Taylor work as a Business Officer for the Administrative Coordination Team at UC Merced.  Pam joined UCM in January of 2005 before our campus opened as the Cashiering Manager.  Pam was then moved to the General Accounting Services department for 8 years and spend 2 years in the Police Department.

Prior to joining UCM Pam was a Banking Manager/Assistant President with many banks in the Merced area.  In addition Pam is and has been heavily involved with the Merced Community.  Anywhere from President of the Boys & Girls Club, 3 terms on the local Chamber board, Little League and Little Miss Softball coach to name a few.

Pam became a CUCSA Delegate in July of 2014.  Yes this is her 3rd year as a CUCSA Delegate.  This is her second year as UCM Staff Assembly do to a vacancy.  Pam has focused on promoting outreach to our off campus sites by rotating our monthly general meetings.  Staff Assembly has been given a seat at the Chancellor’s Cabinet meetings.

Contact Information

UC Merced

Phone: (209) 228-7945