Council of University of California Staff Assemblies

Cheryl Olson, UC Berkeley


Lina Layiktez
Cheryl Olson is the department administrator for Audit and Advisory Services (the campus internal audit function) and has worked on the Berkeley campus since 1995. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, she worked as a purchasing secretary in the private sector and held various positions in the Journal of Contemporary Psychology's editorial office at the University of Minnesota.

Cheryl's personal mission is to help keep campus staff informed about matters of interest to them and is proud to be a member of the Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA) Governing Council and CUCSA. As past co-chair of the Programs and Events Committee, she helped launched the Senior Leadership Roundtable and Leadership Stories events that are part of the BSA Speaker Series. 

Contact Information

UC Berkeley
611 University Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: (510) 642-8292