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In support of the mission of the University of California it is the purpose of the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) to maintain and enhance communication within the University Community on matters of interest to staff employees in accordance with California laws and Regent policy.
The constituency of the Council is understood to be staff employees of the University of California. The Council is involved in matters of interest and concern to those who are not exclusively represented and may address matters not within the scope of representation for those exclusively represented.



Summer Meeting at UCSF: June 7 - 9, 2017

June 7 - 9, 2017, the CUCSA quarterly meeting was conducted at UC San Francisco.  On the first day of meetings, the delegation received an update from the Staff Advisors to the Regents, LaWana Richmond and Jason Valdry, and bid LaWana a fond farewell as her term comes to a close.  Day One was also devoted to workgroup presentations, during with final findings and recommendations were discussed with the delegation. The workgroup findings will be presented at the July Regent’s meeting and made available on this website, shortly thereafter.

On March 2, Dwaine Duckett (Vice President, Systemwide Human Resources) spoke with the delegation regarding UCOP HR priorities and the CUCSA/UCOP Staff Engagement Survey.  Remaining presentations included hearing from members of UC San Francisco senior leadership, including Sam Hawgood (Chancellor), Daniel Lowenstein (Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost) and Jeff Chui (Vice President, Human Resources), and renowned researcher, Dr. Esteban Buchard (Professor of Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Sciences).  The delegation also had an opportunity to explore the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitations Science training clinic and the Makers Lab, which encourages creativity and innovation at UCSF.  Day Two was capped off by a reception for CUCSA, sponsored by Paul Jenny (Senior Vice Chancellor) and attended by UCSF senior leadership and local staff assembly members.   

Friday, the delegation was joined by Janet Napolitano (UC President), who spoke with CUCSA about the recent audit, provided an update on UCs progress on delivering on its mission, and solicited ideas on how to further engage staff.  The President was followed by Shane White (Academic Senate Chair, and, subsequently, Mark Cianca (Associate Vice Chancellor, Operational Services, UCOP).  Friday afternoon included discussing opportunities for improving CUCSA’s operations and potential workgroups or areas of focus. The meeting wrapped up with elections for 2017-2018 leadership, recognition certification presentations to the delegates and the passing of the gavel from departing chair, Rejeana Mathis, to incoming chair, Lina Layiktez. 

Thanks to departing delegates for your dedication to staff, Good Luck to the remaining delegates and Welcome to new elected delegates.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the new CUCSA leadership team:  Lina Layiktez, UCD, Chair; Jessica Potts, UCD, Chair-elect; and Rachel Carl, LBNL, Secretary.



Spring Meeting at UC Irvine: March 1 - 3, 2017

March 1 - 3, 2017, the CUCSA quarterly meeting was conducted at UC Irvine.  The first day of the meeting included presentations from Rachael Nava (EVP and Chief Operating Officer), and Faculty Advisors to the Regents, Professor Jim Chalfant (UCD) and Professor Shane White (UCLA). 

On March 2, presenters included Dr. Marcelle Holmes (Associate Vice Chancellor, Wellness, Health, and Counseling, UCI), Dr. Douglas Haynes (Vice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, UCI) and Ramona Agrela (Chief Human Resources Executive & Associate Chancellor, UCI). 

The speakers on Friday were Enrique Lavernia (Provost and Executive Vice Chair, UCI) and LaWana Richmond and Jason Valdry (Staff Advisors to the Regents). 

Over the course of the three day meeting, delegates conducted presentations on the progress of their workgroups:  Financial Literacy, Government Advocacy, Internal Operations, Mental Wellness, and Staff Diversity. CUCSA business included campus updates and strategic planning discussions on the organization’s mission, vision, values, and a current state analysis.

In addition to working hard, the delegation had the pleasure of participating in a group dinner, taking a campus tour, and attending a reception at the Newark Alumni Center with UCI leaders.  The delegation is grateful for the time and effort UCI Staff Assembly members put into hosting the engaging and well-coordinated meeting.  

Winter Meeting at UC Riverside: December 7 - 9, 2016

December 7 - 9, 2016, the CUCSA delegation gathered at UC Riverside for our quarterly meeting.  The first day of the meeting included presentations from Dr. Elizabeth Halimah (Associate Vice Provost of Diversity and Engagement, UCOP) and Dr. Katherine Stavropoulos (Assistant Professor Graduate Education, UCR).  In addition delegates presented on the progress of their workgroups:  Financial Literacy, Government Advocacy, Internal Operations, Mental Wellness, and Staff Diversity. 

On December 8, speakers included: Jadie Lee (Associate Vice Chancellor Human Resources, UCR), Matthew Barth (Director, Center of Environmental Research and Technology, Bourns College of Engineering, UCR), Meredith Turner (Associate Director Legislative Advocacy & Institutional Relations, UCOP), Marcela Ramirez (Student Advisor to the Regent) and Julie Chobdee (Wellness Program Coordinator, UCR).  The day closed with a reception attended by CUCSA members and someUCR senior leaders and members of the local staff assembly.  

On Friday, the delegation heard presentations from Maria Anguiano (Vice Chancellor, Planning and Budget, UCR) and LaWana Richmond and Jason Valdry (Staff Advisors to the Regents). The delegation continue workgroup presentation and spent the balance of the meeting addressing CUCSA business, including hearing updates from delegates regarding local staff assembly initiatives.  The delegation is particularly appreciative of the work that UCR Staff Assembly members put into hosting a well-organized and energizing meeting. 


Fall Meeting at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: September 7 - 9, 2016

cucsa cray


September 7 - 9, 2016, the CUCSA delegation gathered at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) for our quarterly meeting.  Since this was the inaugural meeting of the 2016-2017 delegation, the opening day was spent becoming oriented to CUCSA protocols and expectations, beginning to scope workgroup projects, and participating in a team building activity with LBNL Workforce Development and Education.  The activity involved working on science experiments and the delegation had an opportunity to display their skills in planning, creativity and adaptability.  These skills will come on handy for this term’s workgroups:  Financial Literacy, Government Advocacy, Internal Operations, Mental Wellness, and Staff Diversity. 

On day two, speakers included: Ramamoorthy Ramesh (Associate Laboratory Director/Professor, LBNL), Vera Potapenko (Chief Human Resources Officer, LBNL), Cindy Simmons (Associate Director, UC Center Sacramento), Pamela Brown (Vice President of Institutional Research and Academic Planning, UCOP), Hyun Swanson (Manager Benefits Education, UCOP), Matt Newton (Vice President/Workplace Regional Manager, Fidelity), Glenda Humiston (Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources), LaWana Richmond and Jason Valdry (Staff Advisors to the Regents).  This informative day was topped off by a reception with members of LBNL staff support organizations. 

On Friday, the delegation heard presentations from Blake Simmons (Division Director, LBNL), Dwaine Duckett (Vice President Systemwide Human Resources, UCOP), Terry Barton (Director Systemwide Staff Development Programs, UCOP) and Lady Idos (Senior Diversity and Inclusion Analyst, LBNL).  In addition, the delegation discussed wellness initiatives across the system and began to explore how Staff Assembly might further support campuses’ wellness efforts.  This is a natural follow-up to CUCSA’s Wellness workgroup of 2015-2016.  The September meeting was a great success and the delegation is appreciative of the efforts of LBNL CUCSA delegates Rachel Carl and Nick Everson, Jaymey Butler (Principal Conference Planner), and a myriad of additional volunteers.

Summer Meeting at UCOP: June 1-3, 2016


June 1 – 3, 2016, the CUCSA delegation gathered at Office of the President for our quarterly meeting.  The delegation attended and conducted presentations, participated in networking events, explored local staff assembly best practices, and began to identify topics for future workgroups.

The opening day featured presentations and Q&A with systemwide staff HR and the Academic Senate.  Guest speakers included:  Heather Pineda (Senior Consultant, HR-Benefits Programs and Strategy, UCOP), Dan Hare (Faculty Representative to the Regents and Chair of the UC Academic Senate), and Jim Chalfant (Faculty Representative to the Regents and Vice Chair of the UC Academic Senate). On day two, speakers included:  Cheryl Lloyd (Chief Risk Office, UCOP) Arthur Guimaraes (Associate Chief Investment Officer and Chief Operating Officer, UCOP) and De Acker and LaWana Richmond (Staff Advisors to the Regents).  On Friday, the delegation was joined by University of California President, Janet Napolitano, and Thera Kalmijn (Executive Director of Operations, UCOP).

President Napolitano presented on the overarching UC strategy and updated the delegation on efforts to support professional development. She offered sincere appreciation for the staff and all of the hard work they do for the University. The delegation had a lively discussion with the President and is thankful for her candid responses and ongoing support.  Finally, CUCSA thanked departing delegates for their service and recognized our outgoing chair, Greta Carl-Halle.

A full meeting summary is posted HERE.

CUCSA 2016 - 2017

CUCSA 2016

The CUCSA delegation meets quarterly for 2 1/2 days to share organizational best practices, communicate and collaborate on issues of concern for UC Staff.

The 2016 - 17 meetings are:

This year, the delegation will be examining the following topics:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Government Advocacy
  • Internal Operations
  • Mental Health
  • Staff Diversity

Regular updates and the results of the delegates' work will be posted on the website so visit often!

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